A Meta-process for
Reversing Global Warming

shows a breakthrough process for:

  • exponentially adopting atmospheric-carbon-reducing options

  • exponentially growing economic wealth and

  • reversing global warming

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Erik Kvam

My name is Erik Kvam. I work with people everywhere to want to swiftly achieve 100% renewable energy, reverse global warming and create a healthier planet for their children.

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy

Anyone can learn how to reverse global warming because my book, You Can Reverse Global Warming, shows you how to bring decision-makers into consensus on adopting renewable energy options that reverse global warming.

Reversing Global Warming

I’m an internationally recognized writer and speaker on renewable energy and climate change mitigation. I wrote the first-ever book on designing a method for reversing global warming.

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy

I’m a renewable energy and patent attorney. I’m admitted to practice law in the states of New York, California and Hawaii.

Reversing Global Warming

I hold law degrees from Georgetown University and New York University, a masters of science degree from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science and a business degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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    What If There Was a Method That You Could Learn to Reverse Global Warming and Leave a Healthy Planet for Your Children?

    • Adopt renewable energy options that avoid greenhouse gas emissions: No problem.
    • Adopt renewable energy options that pay for themselves in energy cost savings: You got it.
    • Swiftly achieve 100% renewable energy and reverse global warming: Absolutely.


    Contrary to what you might think, there is a method for reversing global warming.

    It’s not complicated, but it is hard to find.

    My name is Erik Kvam. I am the author of You Can Reverse Global Warming: Designing a Method for Swiftly Achieving 100% Renewable Energy and Saving the Planet.


    I dedicated tens of thousands of hours of my own time to studying renewable energy and asking myself questions like, “What might achieving 100% renewable energy look like?


    I turned those tens of thousands of hours of study into a method –a decision-making process –for swiftly achieving 100% renewable energy and –through that method –reversing global warming.


    Then I turned that method into a book –You Can Reverse Global Warming.

    • I figure out a method –a decision-making process –for reversing global warming.
    • You learn how to reverse global warming.

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