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Erik Kvam

My name is Erik Kvam. I work with people everywhere to want to swiftly achieve 100% renewable energy, reverse global warming and create a healthier planet for their children.

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy

Anyone can learn how to reverse global warming because my book, You Can Reverse Global Warming, shows you how to bring decision-makers into consensus on adopting renewable energy options that reverse global warming.

Reversing Global Warming

I’m an internationally recognized writer and speaker on renewable energy and climate change mitigation. I wrote the first-ever book on designing a method for reversing global warming.

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy

I’m a renewable energy and patent attorney. I’m admitted to practice law in the states of New York, California and Hawaii.

Reversing Global Warming

I hold law degrees from Georgetown University and New York University, a masters of science degree from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science and a business degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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    Great Renewable Energy Options Need
    a Great Decision-making Process

    by Erik Kvam

    Drawdown shows that we have available to us now -- today -- great renewable energy options that avoid greenhouse gas emissions, that reverse global warming and that pay for themselves with energy cost savings.

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    Yes, I want to reverse global warming

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    Great Renewable Energy Options Need a Great Decision-making Process
    What might a decision-making process look like for swiftly adopting renewable energy options to reverse global warming?
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    Imagine you are sipping your morning beverage 10 years from now. You open your source of news and learn that your local investor-owned electric utility has just achieved 100% renewable energy. You wonder, “How did they do it?” You read that decision-makers at the utility achieved 100% renewable

    What If There Was a Method That You Could Learn to Reverse Global Warming and Leave a Healthy Planet for Your Children?

    • Adopt renewable energy options that avoid greenhouse gas emissions: No problem.
    • Adopt renewable energy options that pay for themselves in energy cost savings: You got it.
    • Swiftly achieve 100% renewable energy and reverse global warming: Absolutely.


    Contrary to what you might think, there is a method for reversing global warming.

    It’s not complicated, but it is hard to find.

    My name is Erik Kvam. I am the author of You Can Reverse Global Warming: Designing a Method for Swiftly Achieving 100% Renewable Energy and Saving the Planet.


    I dedicated tens of thousands of hours of my own time to studying renewable energy and asking myself questions like, “What might achieving 100% renewable energy look like?


    I turned those tens of thousands of hours of study into a method –a decision-making process –for swiftly achieving 100% renewable energy and –through that method –reversing global warming.


    Then I turned that method into a book –You Can Reverse Global Warming.

    • I figure out a method –a decision-making process –for reversing global warming.
    • You learn how to reverse global warming.

    To Start Learning How You Can Reverse Global Warming, Just Click the “Look Inside Now” Button Below.

    Must Read for Anyone Who Wants to Create a Healthy Planet for Their Children

    “Once people are in consensus on what they want to achieve --... reversing global warming –their creative energies and enthusiasm align with howto achieve it, and its achievement becomes inevitable.” Erik Kvam

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